Playthroughline was started in 2009 by writer Joannes Truyens and web developer Matei Stanca as a repository for general musings on narrative design in videogames and a series of movie scripts that poke fun at them. In the following years, those scripts struck enough of a chord for other writers to come in and put together some of their own. This led to contributions to websites such as Gamasutra, The Editing Room, and The Agony Booth as well as narrative design work for videogames such as Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries and Iron Fish.

Joannes and Matei are now working together on their first independent project under the Playthroughline label. That project is Neurocracy, an interactive narrative experience that plays out in your browser. For more information, check out this introductory blog post or go to Neurocracy's official website by clicking the banner below.